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January 7, 2018
It’s New – It’s Fresh – It's Fun
It's A Must Attend Event

with lots of ideas to help you plan your dream wedding.

email: AllAboutYouBridalExpo@gmail.com

Agricenter International

We have the perfect Location!
We have the Brides! Lots of Brides!
We have the Dresses and more!
All we need now is

So here is the Deal 40% off! That is right!
Just $570.00

The All About You! Bridal Expo
Even deals on double booths too!

Call Frances 901-707-2674
Hurry - This deal ends 12-1-17
This is the closeout date for discounted booths. All About You! Bridal Expo is Jan 7th 2018
brides will look forward to the event, to your benefit. Don't miss this opportunity.
Please complete and submit the form below and we’ll contact you with more
exhibitor information for the 2018 All About You! Bridal Expo.

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